Pre-Production Services

STONE² will work with you to develop a high quality video or film to fulfill your objectives.  We will help you develop your concept, identify your audience, write and/or edit the script, create a powerful storyboard, and develop a strategy and budget.  Then we will match you with the perfect production team to fit the specific needs of your project. Our seasoned producers and casting directors will also assemble experienced voice and acting talent, wardrobe and make-up artists, caterers, musicians, and a reputable production crew.  We can even scout for locations with you and research your best options.  Have passports...Will Travel!

At STONE², we know that sometimes movie magic - requires several coats of paint!

Production Services

The production stage is the actual filming of your project.   Our professional film crew will arrive prepared to offer you the highest quality audio, lighting, art and set design, directing, and cinematography. Our special effects teams will introduce you to the process of green-screening and other awesome tricks that make Hollywood so darn magical. Although, it doesn't matter how brilliant your production is if no one ever sees it.  That is why our PR&Marketing team will be simultaneously busy creating a big buzz with websites, social media, press releases, while chatting you up to the people who matter most. Our megaphone is mega-loud and mega-effective...we mega-mean it!

From Green Screen to Silver Screen

(and everything in between...)

Post-Production Services

After filming, STONE² returns to the studio to create the movie, commercial, or presentation with your objectives still close at hand.  Our post-production services include editing, computer-animated graphics, logo design, still photography, powerpoint and keynote presentations and video montages.  We can also transfer your project to of a variety of formats to meet your specific distribution needs.  Oh... and let's not forget more buzz for your buck!  Have you heard about our megaphone? (If not... you are clearly skim reading.  Luckily, we can read and research for you too and due to our terms of confidentiality - your old English teacher will never know!)

STONE² Photographers will be on set to capture each moment and maximize your marketing.

The price for your video will vary depending upon length and complexity. STONE² charges an hourly rate for pre-production, production and post-production. You will receive a complimentary assessment that will include a proposal and the estimated total cost prior to beginning the project. All of our clients can testify that the costs of producing a video far out weighs the money in terms of travel, time, and the products that would ordinarily be needed to be produced for an alternative in-person meetings or training.

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